The Accusation That The Branch Davidians Were ‘Cooking Meth’ Was Vital To The State’s Narrative

By Peter R. Quinones

I’m finishing this week’s coverage of the Waco Massacre with what seems to be an unimportant accusation but is absolutely vital to the tale the State spun to justify their assault on a church/home. You will never hear me use the word “compound” as it is a propaganda term to make you believe the Branch Davidians lived a life locked up and isolated from the outside. The truth is the Davidians came and went. Visitors arrived unannounced. David Koresh went jogging down county roads almost every day, which raises the question as to why the ATF didn’t just arrest him when he exercised. After all, his name was the only one on the search warrant.

As we get closer to April 19th (the day of the fire) I may consider jumping back in with more information on this tragedy, but for now, let’s conclude this week with a part of the narrative most have never heard or considered.

The subject of whether methamphetamine, or any other “drug,” was being manufactured or distributed at Mount Carmel under the direction of David Koresh has been raised often. For now, let’s look at the claim made by the ATF.


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