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The three most dangerous people in US politics right now

I’m open to counterarguments from others, but these would be the three I would be inclined to pick:

On the Right, Tom Cotton (Sunbelt/MIC/AIPAC/Saudi-backed).
In the Center, Kamala Harris (Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood-backed).
On the Left, Ibram X. Kendi (backed by Twitter and the left-wing of the neoliberal commentariat).
In the case of Cotton, he would be Nixon, Reagan, the Bush crime family, and Trump rolled into one. He is much more intelligent, shrewd, and savvy than Cruz, Hawley, and others that have tried to capitalize on Trump. He would be the guy to unite the neocon Republic elites and grassroots, right-populist useful idiots. He’s kept his cards close during the Trump era, embracing Trump when strategically advantageous but always knowing when to pull back. He also embraces a kind of faux economic populism as well when it’s convenient. His lack of charisma is problematic but then Biden won.
This is Coleman Hughes explaining who Kendi is: Watch here. Kendi has the public image of an SJW parody. But his actual ideas are genuinely dangerous. I don’t really think Kendi is an actual leftist, though he passes as one in US political culture. He’s just a flat-out racist. And he has big capital and professional class backing. Kendi’s racism is more extreme than that of Robin DiAngelo with her gender studies-derived corporate opportunism, and I’d suggest that DiAngelo is at least as racist in her attitudes toward blacks as she is toward whites. A serious political figure with Kendi’s views would be the American Mugabe that the Obamaphobes were always crying wolf about. Kendi’s ideas on a “Department of Anti-Racism” as the highest body of government that is allowed to overrule even elected branches of government or the conventional court system are very similar to William Pierce’s concept of a racist religious order as the highest body of government, or the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Council of Guardians.

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