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The Assault On The Branch Davidians Was About Guns – Full Stop!

By Peter R. Quinones

“We determined, that at the compound, machine guns were being manufactured and explosive devices. Our goal through this investigation, was to execute a search warrant on that house to obtain those illegal weapons.” (Waco, ROE, 32:07)

“In addition, it (ATF) had reason to believe that Koresh and his followers might pose a danger not only to themselves, but to the surrounding community.” (Ibid., 32:24)

“In a word, what the search warrant found, was gun parts. It was the duty of the ATF to show that those gun parts were owned with an intent to create illegal weapons. I’m not a lawyer, or a judge, but my reading of the warrant does not convince me that that intent was there.” (Ibid., 32:47)

So, was it the illegal guns?  Or the “abused” children? I’m not certain which narrative the average person who believes they know the facts of the Davidian Massacre, holds to, but the fact that the ATF was the department conducting the February 28th raid should be a clue. That it doesn’t cause more people to question why the ATF was in charge when the welfare of minors was a major component of the search warrant may speak to the aura of “authority” the government, and their press, have over people’s minds.


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