Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Is There a Left Foreign Policy?

“Left foreign policy”: Brown nose neoliberals to the point of eventually drifting into neoconservatism. The Stalinist Left and paleoconservative, Rothbardian libertarian, and (select) Alt-Right sectors are usually pretty good on foreign policy. Virtually everyone else sucks. Three cheers for the mythical Red-Brown alliance! May all of Alexander Reid-Ross’s worst nightmares come true.

Djene Rhys Bajalan is a historian of the Middle East specializing the rise of nationalism and the evolution of the Kurdish question. He is the author of “Jön Kürtler: Birinci Dünya Savasi’ndan Önce Kürt Hareketi 1898-1914” (The Young Kurds: The Kurdish movement before the First World War)(Avesta, 2010) and co-editor of “Studies in Kurdish History: Empire, Ethnic and Islam” (Routledge, 2015). He is also a reader at Zero Books.

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