Left and Right

My journey From Neo-Nazi To Anarcho-Communist

Based on my own extensive observations of and interactions with people who have been in both camps, I’d say it was usually the same thing on “both sides.” Mostly assholes who just like to fight about shit. I’m also suspicious of anyone who refers to themself as a “radically decent person.” Most “radically decent people” don’t describe themselves as such. An-coms are (frequently) to anarchism what pro-life fanatics throwing rocks at Planned Parenthood clinics are to Christianity. An additional complication is that I’ve actually come across people calling themselves “anarcho-Nazis,” which may be possible in some abstract sense (Craig Cobb?) even if a lot of corner-bending would be required.

How I went from an angsty, shitloard, alt-right, racist, to a radically decent person. Apparently I enjoy the extremes.

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  1. I respect left leaning anarchists intelectuals such as Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman, Bookchin, Chomsky and etc… That said, most street left anarchists are at best fans of punk, at worst someone who uses his ideology to justify small delinquency.

    • Whenever I get asked about the shenanigans of some of these an-com types, I’ll often use an analogy to the Church: You’ve got Thomas Aquinas, and then you’ve got the snake handlers.

  2. When you cease to be a WalMart nationalist, do you then receive a golden ticket that allows you to culturally appropriate dreadlocks and speak in African-American vernacular (“wokeness”, etc.)?

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