The Strategy of the Neocons

David French is a total fraud whose only function is to serve as Bill Kristol’s butt buddy.

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'David French @DavidAFrench David French @DavidAFrench If Trump strikes Syria without congressional approval, his Syrian policy will be both imprudent _and_ unconstitutional: Good. Targeting our troops should carry a consequence. Trump Is Poised to Make Mistakesin Syria ශ nationalreview.com Series of Terrible U.S. Airstrikes in Syria Target Iran-Backed Militias That Rocketed American Troops in Iraq ဖ nytimes.com 11:43 AM Apr 12, 2018 Twitter for iPad 10:11 PM Feb 25, 2021 Twitter for iPad 16 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 151 Likes'

The neocons’ strategy in response to Trumpism was to attempt to both co-opt Trumpism and embed themselves in his administration, while at the same time working to undermine him by forming an anti-Trump Republican faction and then simultaneously working to recolonize the Democrats and co-opt the Left with anti-Trumpism. It seems to have worked for them.

The Podhoretz clan was embedding one of their own, Norman’s son-in-law Elliot Abrams, in Trump’s Iran policy team, while the Kristolites and their flunkies like George Will were recolonizing the Democrats and sucking up to MSNBC. Meanwhile, they had David French and Co. building the Never Trumpers among the Republicans. They learned well from their Trotyskist elders.

The neocons also try to work both ends of the “culture war” spectrum. One of David French’s functions is to bend the religious right/”pro-Israel” crowd toward the Likud/House of Saud program, while other neocon flunkies work the Left buy fueling hysteria over Trumpian “fascism.” The neocons also have an alliance with right-wing Mormons, the Unification Church (Rev. Moon), Iran’s MEK (the Persian Peoples’ Temple), and during the 80s the neocons and their Reaganite cultivated an alliance with Pol Pot.

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