Left and Right

The Factions of the Left?

Actually, there are a lot more than these, particularly when single-issue or identity-driven conflicts are included. I would generally be fine with any of those as long as they are voluntary or at least localized enough where exit costs are low enough to make them quasi-voluntary. Although some are obviously more inclined toward voluntarism than others.

May be an image of text that says 'Hive Mind Collectivism Maoism Juche Revisionism Chavism Leninism Futurist Conservative Posadism Socialist Transhumanism Trotsky -ism Castroism Agrarianism Thought Commu- nalism Unionism Orthodox Collect- ivism Populis Distributism Accelerationism Left Communism Eco- Transhumanism Progressivism Luxemburgism Democratic Socialism Bookchin Commu Social Libertarianism Syndicalism Counci Communism Democratic Confederalism Environ mentalism Transhumanism Technological Primitivism Georgism Libertarian Socialism Anarcho- Posadism Anti- Authoritarianism Green Libertarianism Situationism Libertarianism Minarcho-Socialism Comm- unism Religious Anarchism Anarcho Pacifism Eco-Anarchism Soulism Anarchism Agorism Individualist Anarcho Voluntaryism Anarcho Frontierism'

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