Economics/Class Relations

The Best Time to Organize Was Yesterday

By David Hines, The American Conservative

Conservatives, elected and unelected, need to think proactively about mutual aid.

I had a different column or six in the hopper for this week, but then Ted Cruz ran into a buzzsaw of criticism for trying to sneak in a Cancun vacation during the massive storm that saw bitter cold and massive losses of power and water in Texas. Without looking to add to the dynamic in which—to steal a phrase—progressives circle the wagons while conservatives circle the firing squad, I think it is worth talking about Cruz’s misstep, for the benefit of conservative voters and officeholders. Officeholders in particular may one day find themselves in a similar situation, and it’s worth their while to know how not to screw up as Cruz did, and also why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in a place to make hay from the situation.


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