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As fractures emerge among Proud Boys, experts warn of a shift toward extremist violence

The Proud Boys fracture? About what? The jerkers vs. anti-jerkers? The System is fracturing. The Red and Blue tribes are fracturing. And the fringes of the Red and Blue tribes are fracturing. Awesome.

By Marissa J. Lang, Washington Post

As members of the Proud Boys arrived at the foot of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, they gathered as a unified front, donning bright orange beanies and tactical gear and carrying flags and megaphones used to lead chants that rippled through the roiling crowd.

Members of the all-male far-right group, which has a history of violence, posed for photos, displaying the “okay” hand gesture, which has become a “white power” sign, and moved through the crowd together.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio — who had been arrested and banned from the District on charges related to the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner stolen from a historically Black church — cheered on members in social media posts. The next day, he wrote a message to thousands of followers: “I am with you. We are all with you. You make this country great. Never stop fighting.”


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