This One Made Me Cry

By Peter R.  Quinones

This was my introduction at a fundraiser for Ross Ulbricht. Lyn, his mom, was sitting right in front of me as I delivered it. My good friend Vin Armani was there as well. I was just trying not to lose it. I did when it came time to read the charges he was convicted of. Here’s the text.

Delivered 02/09/19 Manchester, New Hampshire

“The Federal Reserve system relies on the force of government to maintain its monopoly power on the issuance of money. This is how all central banks maintain their control. Without the state’s involvement, people would be free to use whatever currency they like. Historically this was gold. If the founders of the fed tried to do what they did w/o the Federal Reserve Act legislation, and later the Brenton Woods agreement, they would have failed miserably. No one would have bought into their system.

“In fact, this is the beauty of libertarianism. The people are free to choose what system they want. No need for one size fits all government solutions. If you want to use a debt based inflationary monetary system, go right ahead, doesn’t affect me so long as you don’t try to force me to use it as well.” [1/30/2013]

Do you know who this is quoting?

No, that was inmate 18870-111.


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