SHOCK POLL: 29% of Americans Support Dividing the United States into Regional Countries

Assuming this polling data is accurate, this is the highest level of support for this idea to date. Keep in mind that during the past half-century public opinion has shifted wildly on a wide range of issues: civil rights, interracial marriage,  military conscription, gender roles, gay rights, gay marriage, marijuana legalization, capital punishment, etc. We need to keep raising the numbers on this question.

By Richard Morehead, Big League Politics

New polling indicates that more than a quarter of Americans have soured on the Union itself, and support dividing the nation into sovereign regional unions.

29% of Americans support the notion of their own region seceding from the Union and becoming a sovereign country. Polling on the matter conducted by Bright Line Watch, a neoliberal organization, suggests that support for secessionist ideas has increased considerably in the last decade, with polling in 2014 indicating that just under 24% of Americans supported regional secession.



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