American Decline

If America Splits Up, What Occurs to the Nukes?

By Sammy Edwards,  Shepherd Gazette

Opposition to American secession movements often hinges on the idea that foreign policy concerns trump any notions that the United States ought to be broken up into smaller pieces.

It almost goes without saying that those who subscribe to neoconservative ideology or other highly interventionist foreign policy views treat the idea of political division with alarm or contempt. Or both.

They have a point. It’s likely that were the US to be broken up into smaller pieces, it would be weakened in its ability to act as a global hegemon, invading foreign nations at will, imposing “regime change,” and threatening war with any regime that opposes the whims of the American regime.

For some of us, however, this would be a feature of secession rather than a bug.


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  1. Is Sammy Edwards aware that almost exactly 26 years ago, I began writing what I called my ‘Assassination Politics’ essay , where I explain how my system, when implemented, will eliminate all nuclear weapons from the face of the earth?

    How does that work? Easy. Set up a system to allow any person to donate anonymously to a fund, to be paid also anonymously to anyone who correctly ‘predicts’ the date of death of a hated government employee, or soon enough ANY government employee. Who would work for a government, any government, if there was, say, a 50% probability per year that he’d be murdered by anyone who wants to collect the reward?

    Anyone with any level of control over nuclear weaspons, from the highest President to the lowest security guy, won’t want to be “donated to death”. They will all set up a ‘nuclear weapon dismantling party, where they will tear the suckers down, in from of thousands of witnesses, and probably millions of witnesses online.

    In the 26 years since I wrote my AP essay, I don’t recall ever being seriously challenged (or even UNseriously challenged!) for this idea: The idea that AP would force all nuclear weapons to be destroyed, since anyone in control who failed to do so would be subject to random assassination. And the reward would be increased to whatever value is necessary to obtain ‘action’.

    Note: I don’t object to anyone challenging my idea! Where I feel quite insulted is when anyone pretends that I never provided a system which _I_CLAIM_ would accomplish this end…despite the fact that most people consistently claim that the ever-present threat of nukes remains the most immediate danger to civilization.

    Go ahead and disprove me, if you can. But don’t pretend that I don’t have a valid claim to have invented the solution.

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