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Basic Income, a People’s Bank, and Police Reform

A People’s Bank? That sounds almost Proudhonian. Community Land Trusts? That’s almost Georgist. Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski interview Andrew Yang. Yang is a bit weak on foreign policy, particularly when it comes to a certain “special relationship,” but fortunately he’s only running for mayor, not prez, so it really doesn’t matter that much.

This week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends will turn toward the mayoral race in New York City as we interview Andrew Yang, former 2020 presidential candidate and businessman who is now running for the mayoralty.

At least, we hope we get to interview Andrew! He’s come down with coronavirus but tells us he’s on the mend, and is hopeful he’ll be able to join us remotely this Friday. Get well soon Andrew!

For Friday access to our video conversation, click the Subscribe button below. Otherwise, audio of our conversation with Andrew will be available through Substack, as well as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other major streaming platforms on Saturday.

During his bid for the presidency in 2020, Yang placed the “Freedom Dividend,” his plan for a universal basic income, at the center of his platform. Now, he’s bringing a basic income plan to his run for mayor, under which 500,000 of the most low-income New Yorkers will receive an average of $2000 per year. Yang’s proposals touch upon housing affordability, where he argues that “Community Land Trusts (CLTs) can be proactively supported” by City Hall, and policing, where he seeks to address the brutality of the NYPD by instating a civilian Commissioner. Other elements of the campaign have received criticism from the left, including Yang’s promise that his administration would “push back against the BDS movement.” On Friday, we’ll speak to Andrew Yang not only about the policies that are driving his mayoral campaign, but also about his ongoing advocacy for universal basic income and his vision to serve as an anti-poverty leader. We hope you’ll join us for the conversation.


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