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Summary of Community in Decentralized Civilization

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This summary is fifty six pages in length. The manuscript itself, Decentralized Civilization, Prelude to the Subsequent Civilization is a substantial volume. In its content, I anticipate readers’ questions and answer them to the best of my ability. My work is creative fiction, but folks can use its content to actualize real community in decentralized civilization. I am grateful to my late father (2005), Mark Curtis Kinney II, who dedicated much of his life to developing the concepts and structures for this project. Anyone who would like to help create a better civilization is welcome to explore the organizational content of these pages, and to purchase my first and second manuscripts respectively: Decentralized Economic Social Organization, DESO, and Neo-New World (2011), and, Decentralized Civilization, Prelude to the Subsequent Civilization (2015). Decentralized Civilization… Contains the structured outline of community confederation, and the premise of the subsequent civilization. I will soon make this summary and these books available to you at Create Space, a self-publish service.


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