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Marjorie Taylor Greene: Why members of Congress want to expel her

Prediction: If this lunatic is expelled from Congress, it will have the effect of radicalizing the right-wing to an even greater degree because they will come to see that the electoral system is worthless, and rigged to keep actual opposition figures out. AOC and the Squad may be disliked by Republicans and some moderate Democrats. But they’re still just good Ted Kennedy liberals or neo-McGovernites, and within the realm of acceptable opinion, however grudgingly. Mostly because they don’t really voice serious opposition to the empire. They’re just welfare statists (though Omar’s and Tlaib’s occasional pro-Palestinian utterances might piss off AIPAC. Remember how the power elite circled the wages against both Tulsi and Ron Paul for voicing very mild criticisms of the empire. And MTG, who borders on being a right-wing revolutionary,  is way more beyond the pale from a ruling class perspective.

Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.) on Jan. 28 said he drafted a resolution to ban Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) from Congress, following her recently unveiled endorsements of political violence.

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