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Your candidate isn’t Jesus

As I have said before, political ideologies are the new religions and political interest groups and subcultures are the new ethno-cultural/linguistic tribes.

By Devin Foley, Intellectual Takeout

If you’ve ever spent any time in politics, especially during caucus or primary season, you will quickly learn that there are many people of all political stripes and parties who practically worship their chosen candidate. It’s truly disturbing.

You will also learn that if you question the stances of a person’s candidate or, God help you, go against that candidate, doing much of anything to impede the chances for that candidate to secure the nomination, you will have probably made an enemy for life. If you think that’s not the case, go get involved. It doesn’t matter what party you sign up with, human nature and the deification of politicians will be there. And you will also learn that everything becomes very personal very quickly.

Perhaps that is just the nature of politics. It’s almost always a necessary-though-nasty, sausage-making affair. But it seems that it is made far worse when so much of our lives revolves around the power of government. There is this expectation that the chosen candidate will somehow fix everything for us, ushering in a new era of prosperity and security, free of suffering and the troubles of life. Yes, the chosen candidate will surely be the new messiah, our political Jesus…


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