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How to turn small towns into economic miracles

Economic Boost For Small Towns Are we going to sit around and wait for the entire world economy to collapse around us – OR are we going to do something to prevent it? This is the time to stop sitting on the fence and wait for someone to save us. We can create a NEW WORLD – which serves everyone. The ONE SMALL TOWN plan shows us how we can turn our small towns into economic miracles – by following a FEW BASIC STEPS. Find a MAYOR of a small town that has the balls to take a new stance and DO SOMETHING. Watch the full video to get a full perspective on this plan. Then contact me. In unity – Michael Tellinger UBUNTU website: MESSAGE TO MAYORS – Of the World From the Ashes of Corona Virus – Comes a New Solution and Prosperity for all. Renewable Green Electricity – For Small Towns. If you are the Mayor of a small town, where the hopes and future dream have been shattered by the effects of economic decay and lockdown – and you don’t know what to do… There is a simple solution.The ONE SMALL TOWN initiative can help you rebuild your town, stimulate your economy, and lay a foundation for ongoing prosperity and abundance for everyone in your community. We will deliver a new green-technology, renewable energy, electricity generator – that will belong to the people. It will provide electricity significantly cheaper that your current provider. The income from your own electricity will remain in your hands, and fund everything your community needs. This simple plan requires no financial commitment, and no risk to you the mayor, nor the council, or the people. All we need is your commitment to start the process.

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