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‘It’s a Private Company, Bro’

It is in part for reasons like this that I have always considered myself to be a traditional anarchist rather than a modern libertarian. Libertarians tend to be overly focused on the formal political government in the same way that Marxists are overly focused on the capitalists.  I think elite theory works better as a framework for critiquing systems of power that either the Mises-Hayek-Friedman-Rand-Rothbard axis or Marxism. The analogy I like to use is the middle ages where the ruling class consisted of the king, aristocracy, and church. Leftists only oppose the aristocracy and libertarians only oppose the king.

By Peter Quinones

As mentioned previously, even without government-imposed tyranny in response to COVID 19 or the George Floyd riots, 2020 was destined to be a shit show as it was a national election year where the incumbent was hated by the majority of the population. And what were we given to go up against the “Reality Show Host-in-Chief? Joe fucking Biden. A man who can barely make it through a speech without looking like a completely confused jackass. A guy who likes children to play with his leg hair. A guy who went to war with a “bad dude” by the name of “Corn Pop.” He’s also responsible for the 1994 Crime Bill and has been one of the biggest promoters of the “War on Drugs” but hey, after four years of having a clown show in the White House, no need to talk about actual policy.

This election was insanity. Let’s start with the mail-in ballots. Seriously, could people not see this was a recipe for fraud (even if as claimed none was committed)? 26.6 million mail-in ballots were submitted and, as mentioned previously, we are to believe each one had a signature verification check done in a matter of days. Impossible. Election observers came forward and signed affidavits saying they witnessed fraud but were told they were lying. My problem with that is bearing false witness is perjury and a crime yet none of the witnesses are being brought up on charges even though there’s a “full-court press” to punish anyone seen as loyal to Trump. It’s like they don’t want to take the case to court as that would allow evidence of inconsistencies and possible fraud to be introduced into the public.


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