What We Will Miss With The End Of The Trump Presidency

By Stansfield Smith, One World

With the exit of Trump, we can expect renewed threats against North Korea and increased military action in the Middle East. We will experience not just an end to presidential condemnations of the national security state, but its further unleashing on the US people and the world. We likely will not again experience a president repudiating the US’ self-appointed role as world cop, or the US Chief Executive blasting its Middle East wars.

On January 6, President Trump and his “deplorables” made the US Empire look dysfunctional to the whole world by overtaking the Capitol, causing those corporate tools, our “elected representatives,” to run and hide. Does that set a bar for what is needed to bring health care for all, to end what Martin Luther King called the three evils of society: poverty, war and racism?

Trump has antagonized the US ruling class by placing his own interests above the interests of their class as a whole. As Democratic Senator Schumer righteously waxed, “This will be a stain on our country not so easily washed away.” Indeed, thanks to these Trumpers, politicians’ future talk of “American exceptionalism,” about the US as the world champion of “freedom and democracy,” will now bring snickers around the globe.


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