Republicans Now Control More State Legislatures Than Any Point in U.S. History

We now have an interesting situation where the Democrats control the federal government and most large cities while the Republicans control a supermajority of the state governments.


Last week the Republican Party established a federal trifecta and with wins in the Minnesota Senate, Kentucky House, and Iowa Senate, the GOP now controls both state legislative chambers in 32 states. According to The National Conference of State Legislatures, Republicans now control more state legislatures than at any point in U.S. history. However, they have yet to beat out Democrats’ 1975 record of complete control in 37 state legislatures.

Republicans now control 34 upper chambers, while Democrats control 13.

While Republicans gained control of the Iowa Senate and Minnesota Senate, they lost previous control of the Nevada Senate. The Democratic Party numerically gained control of the Washington Senate; however, State Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-WA-35) will caucus with the Republican Party, giving Republicans control of the chamber. The Connecticut Senate is now split after all 36 State Senators were up for reelection and Republicans were able to flip three seats. Yet, Democrats will maintain majority vote and state trifecta status with Democratic Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman as the Senate’s tie breaker.


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  1. Maybe we need a Mao style “back to the countryside” moment to help these urban bourgeois to better understand their rural proletarian roots.

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