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January 6: A Strategic Analysis

Bill Lind, a staunch paleoconservative and leading theoretician of fourth-generation warfare, calls for massive civil disobedience from the Right. I suspect that as the right-wing continues to shrink in size and lose power politically, it will increasingly adopt tactics like the 1960s radicals, including civil disobedience, mass demonstrations, riots, and more.

By William S. Lind, Traditional Right

Despite all the howling of the mainstream media, the Republicrat Party, and the chattering class, the events in Washington on January 6, 2021, were a strategic victory for the political Right, and a big one. Why? Because the Right showed it could fight back.

Last summer, the Left rioted, looted, and burned in many of our cities, and in most cases the charges against those doing the looting and burning were dropped. Conservatives have looked on, mute, as the Left ripped down statues of their ancestors and banned their symbols. The “woke” crowd was praised as it condemned whites, men, and straights and demanded they grovel in the dirt or be “cancelled”, losing their jobs.

On January 6, that came to an end. The Right not only called the Left, it raised it by all the gold in Ft. Knox. The Left looted and burned small businesses; the Right took the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Put that in your pot pipe and smoke it, said the Right to the Left.


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