Here’s What Trump Accomplished

Some “conservative” Trump fans explain what they like about him.

The Daily Signal

When trying to decide who to vote for in the next election, ask yourself what has President Donald Trump accomplished in office during his first four years. Has he been working for the American people? What has he accomplished?

Here is a partial list:

He has created the greatest economy we’ve ever had prior to being hit with COVID-19.

Record low unemployment for women at 3.2%. The number of women in poverty fell by nearly 600,000. The unemployment rate for Black Americans, Latino Americans and Asian Americans hit all-time lows. The poverty rate among Black Americans is at its lowest level in history. The median income for Latino Americans hit its highest ever recorded at $50,486 and Latino Americans are experiencing an all-time record of home ownership.

The president enacted a tax decrease that amounted to an average of $4,000 a year in tax savings to the average American taxpayer.


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