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Should Dems Impeach Trump AFTER Biden’s First 100 Days?

I don’t care whether Trump is impeached or 25thed or not, but January 6 had to be about the most jerk-off “insurrection” or “coup attempt” in history.

Team Rising reacts to a clip of Senator James Clyburn saying that the House may wait until after Biden’s first 100 days in office to send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

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  1. For maximum effect, the House should vote to impeach today, and if McConnell drags his feet on the trial, Schumer should convene it as soon as the new Georgia Senators are sworn in, making him Majority Leader.

    Put the Republicans on the spot — make them either openly break with him before he leaves office (which will lose much of his base for them), or still be seen as “with him” when he leaves office (which will keep him hanging around their neck for longer and at greater expense in terms of lost mid-term races, the 2024 White House race, etc.).

    If the Democrats act fast, it’s heads the Democrats win, tails the Democrats lose. If they fuck around, they’ll lose a lot of the impact they could have had.

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