1. So far, I haven’t heard a statement that the woman who was shot and died, was armed in any way. I think the biased MSM will avoid comparing this incident to others, in which they criticize the police for “shooting unarmed people”!!!
    Some of these comparisons could end up being quite embarrassing for the powers that be.
    Two Kenosha incidents One, in which the cop shot some black man, in the man’s car, for no obvious reason. Recently, the story is pushed that the black man “had a knife”. I am not aware that merely HAVING a knife, or arms in general, justifies attack.
    And while we are at it, consider Kyle Rittenhouse: Rittenhouse was actually attacked by people, at least one of which had some sort of ‘arms’. I think the MSM will have trouble both criticizing Rittenhouse AND justifying the shooting of this woman in D.C.

    • If there is any lesson here one is it that MSM does not need to be consistent. In fact, by gas-lighting Karen they accomplish their goals doubly. Training their armies of mush-brained ‘possessed’ that reality is that what they say, not what is seen.

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