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Nancy Pelosi’s home is VANDALIZED with red paint, a pig’s head and a spray-painted message about $2,000 checks

“Bitch, you better have my money. ” Just think of it as a lumpenproletarian approach to lobbying. Remember Marie Antoinette, Princess Nancy.

By Rachel Sharp, Daily Mail

  • Police sources told TMZ that cops were called out to reports of vandalism at the House Speaker’s property around 3 a.m. New Year’s Day
  • has contacted San Francisco Police Department for comment
  • A photo posted on social media shows a white garage plastered in graffiti
  • ‘2k’ is written on the garage and then crossed out, in what appears to be a reference to the $2,000 stimulus checks Pelosi is pushing for
  • The graffiti also reads ‘cancel rent’ and ‘we want everything’ 
  • Red paint covers the driveway and a pig’s head sits on the paving slabs 


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