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Rand Paul – $600 Stimulus Checks

I have to disagree with Rand on this. I generally oppose any kind of “economic reform” that involves raising any new taxes, passing any new laws, or creating any new government agencies. But all wealth and resources that are possessed by the state amount to ill-gotten gains achieved through taxes, civil asset forfeiture, fines, confiscation, currently monopolies, etc, etc, etc.  Plus, the current situation involves a government-induced depression where the ruling class has cleaned up and the upper middle class has gone on vacation and done so on the backs of the petite bourgeoisie, proletariat, and lumpenproletariat. “Stimulus checks” are merely a pathetically meager form of reparations. It looks like we need more of the kind of grassroots, direct action “stimulus” we’ve observed in recent months.

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  1. 900 billion ÷ 300 million = $3000. Like every other redistribution they say it will go one way, it goes the other. It’s called lying.

    The lower 99% get 20% ($600 each), the top 1% get the remaining 80% ($240,000 each).

    One could hope for better, but might as well hope Polsi’s shit tastes like nectarines.

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