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The Condition of Class Relations at the End of 2020

This nails it. By forcing the working class and the petite bourgeoisie into the ranks of the lower proletariat and lumpenproletariat, the ruling class and managerial class are creating the conditions for a class insurgency. Notice how the ruling class media (staffed by the managerial class) has gone out of its way to obscure reporting on class conflicts, rebellions, and insurrections, from the total media blackout on the general strike in India to misrepresenting the George Floyd insurrections as race riots to dismissing lumpen proletarian, proletarian, and petite bourgeoisie anti-lockdown protesters as mere cranks and conspiracy theorists.

By Pella Libertas

In the case of the American Revolution when the interests of the colonial-proletariat and the colonial-petit bourgeois (non-Tory business owners) were both affected by being imposed upon by the Stamp Act and Townsend Acts, to cover British budget deficits from the Seven Years war — while also facing regulations, restrictions, and shutdowns of their private enterprise throttling trade with the French and the Spanish, as per the edict of the British Parliament — these naturally opposed classes turned against the colonial-Bourgeois, thus being the American Tories and agents of the British Crown. The American Revolution came about as a result of this intersection of opposed interests.

In 2020, we have seen a similar phenomenon occur, but the corporate Mainstream Media will not illustrate this. The interests of the American-proletariat being locked out of work, or trapped in low wage work in the service of multinational corporations owned by technocrats, receiving no aid or help from the Federal Government during a pandemic; combined with the interests of the American petit-bourgeois (small businesses owners) facing permanent closures, shutdowns, and regulations — as per the edicts of this unelected technocracy of international finance capital that owns the means and modes of production, communication, information, and governance — these naturally opposed class interests of the proletariat and the petit-bourgeois, are once again converging.

The direction this country is heading in is not towards “Civil War” as many misguided, unread, and pseudo-intellectuals are claiming, pitting a fictional army of “Neo-Nazis” against everyone else. That is utter gibberish and nonsense. The reality is that we are heading, instead, towards a Second American Revolution, once again putting the economically alienated American proletariat and American petit-bourgeois against the American Bourgeoisie, thus being the technocracy of International Finance and their professional class proponents.
I find it almost insulting when people tell me to “read history” — when these people have literally have no idea about what is going on. Do what you must. Stock up on food, invest in cryptocurrencies, invest in some body armor. Things are bound to get dicey in 2021.

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