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The YouTube Ban Is Un-American, Wrong, and Will Backfire

When it comes to the arguments over censorship, “cancel culture,” doxxing, de-platforming, public shaming, or even outright violence, it seems that virtually everyone engages in special pleading on behalf of their own perceived interests and those of their reference groups, with philosophical, moral, ethical, or ideological arguments merely being an afterthought or a smokescreen. I started noticing this decades ago when leftists who supported violent or obstructionist union activity would be appalled by anti-abortion obstructionism and violence (and vice versa).

By Matt Taibbi

Start with the headline: Supporting the 2020 U.S. Election. YouTube in its company blog can’t even say, “Banning Election Conspiracy Theories.” They have to employ the Orwellian language of politicians — Healthy Forests, Clear Skies, “Supported” Elections — because Google and YouTube are now political actors, who can’t speak plainly any more than a drunk can walk in a straight line.


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