The Neo-Jacobin & New-Left Alliance

A Marxist critique of middle-class radicalism. The way I would frame the question is like this: neoliberalism is the ideology of the right-wing of the ruling class. Progressivism/social democracy is the ideology of the left-wing of the middle-class. Marxism is the ideology of the left-wing of the proletariat. And anarchism is the implicit ideology of the lumpenproletariat (which tends to be non-ideological). What the insurrections of 2020 proved is that the Left is an anachronism. The lumpenproletariat is now where the action is.

By Pella Libertas

The Neo-Jacobin & New-Left alliance that label Jimmy Dore and Jimmy Dore Fansas “right wing populists” for calling out the Squad for not being antagonistic toward Nancy Pelosi for not putting #M4A up for debate on the house floor; labeling them as a bunch of sexist, racist, White people… Is EXACTLY what is wrong — and has been wrong — with the movement left right now, and for quite some time. These people who like to use the term “toxic” for everything they don’t like, don’t seem to realize that they are TOXIC themselves!

Neo-Jacobins are NOT LEFTIST (though they claim that they are) they are radical liberal reactionaries. Sure they advance socialistic concepts (like public healthcare, and cancel student loan debt) and they certainly want to show HOW INCLUSIVE, NON-RACIST, NON-SEXIST, NON-BIGOTED, THEY ARE with their unquestioned support behind AOC, Bernie, Nina Turner, Stacey Abrams (whose favorite book is ATLAS SHRUGGED for the 1000th time) when those folks sheep dog young people into voting for the Democratic Party — but then when push comes to shove these Jacobinites don’t want to fight to get those socialist concepts actualized, and discourage street level subversiveness and proletariat struggle, because they rather work “within the process”. Then when people like Jimmy Dore who do come out wanting to make these concepts actualized (or call out liberal establishment hypocrisies) the elitist Neo-Jacobin, PROLETARIAT HATING, INTERSECTIONAL-CAPITALIST, cancel-culture crowd comes out like a bunch of frothing rabid attack dogs and starts applying all sorts of terms and types of character assassinations on people who DARE CRITICIZE THEM OR THEIR IDEAS.
“Racist”, “Sexist”, “Toxic Masculinity”, “Toxic Misogynistic”, & “Fascist” are terms they love to use in their never ending witch hunts to demonize anyone who doesn’t fit within their gate keeping parameters of what they deem to be “Leftist”. These people need to feel the weight of every Tankie they have de-platformed and silenced! the Jacobins were responsible for creating Napoleon Bonaparte and the Neo-Jacobins are responsible for driving a segment of the American proletariat to fascism. We can’t let that happen, and the only way to stop fascism is to STOP THE

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