Ammon Bundy group provides defense training for armed conflict with the government

I’ve always been appalled by the fact that so many leftists (including anarchists) react with absolute hysteria to the antigovernment/anti-system right while going out of their way to defend or collaborate with nominally “progressive” systemists. Obviously, there a certain things on the right that are beyond the pale (as there are on the left). But most US leftists seem to merely be stooges for the techno-oligarch/new clerisy alliance, their protests against “neoliberalism” notwithstanding. I’ll take an Ammon Bundy over a Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, or Kamala Harris every time.

On Thursday, dozens of people assembled in an Emmett warehouse to prepare to defend themselves from an armed conflict with the government, which they believe is imminent.

Ammon Bundy, a conservative activist known for leading armed standoffs with government agents, led the meeting of People’s Rights, a group he founded earlier this year to organize against government coronavirus mandates.

This year, the group has protested — mostly peacefully, although not always — at health districts; at the homes of public officials; at this year’s special session of the Idaho Legislature; and at police agencies that have cited or arrested its members.


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