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The Unacceptable Costs of Appeasing MAGA Nation

A piece by the founder of critical race theory in the neocon-friendly New Republic, although NR seems to have moved leftward under its present ownership. At one point, it went through a fairly hardcore neocon phase.

By Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, New Republic

Even after Donald Trump is evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he will still lead a multimillion-person political movement determined to protect and defend a white nation-state. Deeply aggrieved, self-righteous, and well-armed, a substantial percentage of these belligerents harbor a far greater commitment to whiteness than to American democracy.

President-elect Joe Biden’s challenge is to face down this threat with something more than a heartfelt appeal to redeem the promise of a multiracial America. But a strictly rhetorical plea to lay aside our differences and spontaneously unite is not only impossible; it is dangerous, all the more so because these rote invocations of the better country remain intentionally blind to the catastrophic conditions that have broken our nation apart throughout its history. Biden’s unrequited national unity overtures to the Trumpist coalition of anti-unionists are indeed a sad echo of ghastly overtures from our nation’s past—a long-running dystopian fantasy that tens of millions are willing to fight over.


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