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  1. “Iran’s foreign minister says European signatories to JCPOA have gravely breached their commitments”.

    I kept listening to this item for an explanation of how, EXACTLY, the “European signatories to JCPOA have gravely breached their commitments”.

    Other than the assassination of an Iranian at an airport outside of Iran, I didn’t see anything. And that was done by America, not Europe.
    It looks to me like Iran is merely pretending that the Europeans have “breached their commitments”.

      • Yes, I read that, but it is a statement by the NATO nations, not Iran. I should mention that I don’t really expect Iran to come up with any actual “breaches” in the JCPOA agreement, but I nevertheless wanted to see the best they can do.

        I think Iran’s government is frustrated because America left the agreement, yet it is still bound by it (at least, arguably…) since there are other signatories still involved.

        I’m still quite mad at that idiot Obama for giving Iran about $150 billion. Now, I am well aware that this money originated from Iran, and specifically the government of the Shah. But, it was intended to buy weapons. And once the government changed, I see no reason to give Iran either the weapons or the money.

        Congress could simply pass a law (which, I think, already existed) which allows the US Government to seize assets from a terrorist organization intended to buy arms. The money was already in American banks, and the ownership arguably passed to a terrorist organization, the government of Iran. Obama knew this.

        • I doubt it’s possible to get verifiable information about Iran. Iranian state media is obviously unreliable, and the Western media can’t be counted on to report accurately on Iran either. So it’s just a matter of patchwork in terms of pulling information from as many sources as possible while acknowledging their limitations and seeing what patterns are consistent over time.

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