I Don’t Want To Pay For Your Useless College Degree Reply

I view student loans as a government sponsored, operated, or protected loan-sharking operation that amounts to modern indentured servitude in practice. So I don’t really have any problem with student loan “debt forgiveness.” But it goes without saying that many college degrees are useless.

By Jordan Davidson, The Federalist

In a Facebook post Monday, TV host and personality Mike Rowe denounced student loan forgiveness and encouraged people to reconsider taking on debt for a four-year degree that may not even land them a job.

“Many it seems, suspect that I’ll be supportive of these efforts since I’ve written at length about the outrageous rise of college tuition and the scandalous ways in which hundreds of thousands of students have been conned into borrowing ridiculous sums of money to purchase degrees that never lead to an actual job,” Rowe wrote.

“Well, for the record, I do not support student loan forgiveness,” he added.


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