Government Can’t Wish Things Into Existence

By Alexander Storrsson

People seem to forget that the government can’t wish things into existence. There are processes which have to be undertaken for things to be established as law in this country – processes which seem to have been overridden at various points this year.
Might I suggest that this is illegal.
Restrictions upon freedom of movement of lawful citizens in this country is a violation of fundamental rights – rights which our legal system is intended to uphold, not undermine.
If a written law or statute goes against “the spirit of the law,” as defined through the “practice of law as expression of the will of the people” (i.e. Trial by Jury), it is considered unlawful, therefore, non-functioning as law.
Police may attempt to uphold unlawful legislature, but they do this without the support of the law. All they have is a piece of paper which says “if X, Y,” irrespective of context – context which our legal system is required to take into account in the course of maintaining justice. This is why we e.g. define murder as first, second, or third degree and so on – context and intent are integral to the process of justice.
If an individual is charged and arrested over some piece of legislature, and is subsequently cleared, through Trial by Jury, of any wrongdoing, that piece of legislature is immediately voided, having been overridden by the will of the people as expressed through the jury (randomly selected as they are – or ought be).

That’s how law works in this country. The real deciders of law are not the government, the courts, or the police; they are the people. You and I decide the law when we give a “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict as jurors in a case.

The problem, of course, is that the people who are supposed to be overseeing this entire process are (invariably enmeshed with) the people who are looking to circumvent it. And there is clearly a substantial amount of money changing hands here.
Considering the fact that “Westminster” and other governmental bodies have broken the law repeatedly this year, might I suggest that the people, as an executive branch of the justice system of the country (quite literally, the sole vehicle through which justice is conceived and executed), hold to account not only the players that are moving the pieces, but the entire system that is being rigged against the commons, for the sheer damage – demonstrable in suicide and other “avoidable death” statistics for this year – that has been perpetrated against the people at large?
Of course, this is already happening, and numerous individuals and government bodies are being taken to court over malpractice already. Some of these people you see on T.V. frequently enough have been issued court summons related to their “vested interests” throughout the coronabunk – it would appear that the crisis, cooked up enough as it already is, has been used to siphon taxpayers’ money into the pockets of various individuals and groups, who have not subsequently provided to the taxpayer the goods or services offered in return for the cash.
People: this is illegal. These are criminals within our governmental system. They are by far not the only ones. Is it not about time that we held to account all such individuals, groups, and entities in general, whose sole directive in life, as evidenced through their actions, is to “skim off the top,” at yours and my expense?
Whether you live in Britain, Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, the US, Australia, or Timbuktu, you have a vested interest in the long-term sustainability and practicability of your governmental and judicial systems. If you consider yourself to be a citizen of your nation, or even a citizen of the world, it behooves you – yes, you, you yourself, personally and individually – to monitor your governments, your judiciaries, your police forces, your militaries and navies, your intelligence services, your media outlets, your banks, your medical services, and so on. Not one of those institutions is free from corruption – not one will ever be free of the threat of corruption. The remedy to corruption is observance. “Quis custodet custodes” is the saying of the century. It is not impossible for a people to gain control over a corrupt government – or any other institution, for that matter. But it does require the instigation, and the knowledge that the mechanisms for the deliverance of the people’s will are already in place.
“Useless eaters” is a phrase that has been thrown about in reference to poorer citizens of the world – of course, the real “useless eaters” are these overblown boyscouts in government, in tech, in intelligence, in industry in general. Having never had to excel in any noticeable way (if your parents can pay for Eton, you are likely never to go hungry), they persist in the delusion that they are “destined” to thrive at our expense (edit: despite a lack of any noticeable merit). Oughtn’t we disabuse them of this notion, and display to them the true meanings of the words “law,” “government,” and “justice?” If this is not in the best interest of nations in general, then the world is already communist, and I will resist as firmly as any White Russian.

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