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Why Socialist Alternative Members are Joining DSA

Kshama Sawant’s Trotskyist party is infiltrating AOC’s social democratic party. Funny.

Socialist Alternative National Committee

We are in a new historical period, and socialists must adjust to this deeply changed situation. 2020 will be remembered as a crucial turning point worldwide with the pandemic, economic crash, the biggest protests in U.S. history after George Floyd’s racist murder, and of course the end of the Trump regime.

Biden’s administration will be overseeing multiple historic crises of capitalism, including economic, environmental, and social devastation. Many working people are staring down the bleakest conditions they or their families have ever encountered. Despite the likelihood of a shallow Biden “honeymoon,” political polarization will continue, and explosive struggles will eventually come into conflict with the Democratic Party leadership. Trump is out, but Trumpism is not going away, and the far right will work hard to exploit anger at the corporate-controlled Biden White House. In this situation, it is all the more urgent that the socialist left build a viable alternative to the Democratic Party and its ruling class leadership.

There are monumental tasks on the shoulders of socialists: we need to urgently rebuild a fighting and democratic labor movement, struggles against oppression, and lay the foundations for a new mass working class party in the U.S. In this context, the building of a broader socialist movement, based on unity and comradely debate over theory, strategy, and tactics will be absolutely crucial. All trends on the left will be tested by tumultuous events while facing attacks from both the far right and the Democratic Party leadership. At the same time, there will be profound opportunities to build support for working class methods of struggle and the ideas of Marxism.


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