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The Culture War is Everywhere

This “culture war” stuff has nothing to do with “socialism vs. capitalism” let alone “communism vs. fascism.” The Red Tribe/Blue Tribe “civil war” is quintessentially American in origins. The election amounted to a contest between two moderate Republicans. Both of our parties are center-right plutocratic-capitalist parties by world-historical standards, and both of them are on the right end of the center-right. The “culture war” is a defacto sectarian religious war between adherents of the traditional American civil religion and low church Protestantism (Reds) and progressive Christians, Unitarians, deists, and scientistic rationalists (Blues).

By Paul Waldman, Washington Post

On Monday, a majority of the electoral college is casting votes for Joe Biden, making him officially the president-elect. And in a development that may seem unrelated but isn’t, a change is coming to baseball:

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team will drop “Indians” as its name, an official familiar with the team’s plans confirmed Sunday night — a move that comes after years of pressure and protest from Native American groups and others who viewed the name as racist and insensitive.
The change, first reported by the New York Times, could be announced as soon as this week, and it follows a similar move by Washington’s NFL team in July to drop “Redskins” as its name and compete in 2020 as the Washington Football Team as it works to rebrand the franchise.

I doubt there are going to be all that many people who care so deeply about the “Indians” name that they’ll be out protesting to demand it be retained. Nevertheless, this is the kind of change that exacerbates the divisions that increasingly spread from politics to the rest of our national life.


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