Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy


I’m not a huge fan of Paul Joseph Watson but this is spot on.  The supposed “progressive” alternative to Orange Man’s “fascism.” My guess is that the foreign policy orientation of the Bidenists will be to attempt to reverse the decline of the US empire through the reassertion of the liberal internationalist paradigm, possibly through adopting a comparatively more multilateral approach that aims to strengthen international institutions like the UN and WTO and “relationships” with “allies” like the NATO countries and the Pacific Rim nations. The only good news is that the Democrats represent a wider range of ruling class interest than the Republicans, which means they will lack the singular fixation on advancing the interests of the Gulf monarchies and the Likud Party that we saw in the Trump years. Therefore, the Bidenists will likely be less hawkish toward Iran. But they may be more hawkish in other areas like Afghanistan, Syria, and the DPRK.

The military-industrial complex is back.

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