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Trump attorneys described Giuliani as ‘deranged’ and likened the team pushing election fraud claims to a ‘clown car,’ report says

I had Giuliani figured out years ago. He’s often thought of as a conservative because of his “law and order” policies when he was mayor of New York and as a US Attorney, but he was just a standard New York liberal Republican. The neocons tried to groom him to be their frontman toward the end of the George W. Bush era. He had some health and other issues that got in the way, so the neocons went with John McCain instead. Then, years later, Giuliani threw in his lot with Trump, another New York liberal.

By Tom Porter, Business Insider

Lawyers working on the Trump campaign have said Rudy Giuliani seemed “deranged’ and ill-prepared to lead the legal effort to overturn the election result, reported The Washington Post Sunday. 


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