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Biden ‘panders’ to a radical ideology which poses a ‘severe threat’ to civilisation

James Lindsay is one of the best critics of totalitarian humanism there is, but I don’t agree with the political angle he’s taking in this interview. While Lindsay is a liberal, he’s taking the standard “conservative” position that Biden is simply a frontman that is serving as a useful idiot for the faux “radical left.” I would argue something much different. Biden is a frontman for the plutocratic oligarchy and the American empire, not the faux “radical left.” Instead, it is the faux “radical left” that are functioning as useful idiots for the plutocratic oligarchy and American empire, which aims to co-opt elements of their wider ideological framework and incorporate these into the self-legitimating ideology of the ruling class. The solution is not to become a Republican in order to keep the faux “radical left” at bay but to develop an actual radicalism that recognizes the faux “radical left” as the social conservatives and secular theocrats they are actually are.

Academic James Lindsay says the ideology beneath the Democrats’ “radical base” is what will dictate policy in a Biden administration whether Joe Biden believes it or not.

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