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The Failer Strategy

A pretty good discussion of the demographics of US electoral politics from a paleoconnish perspective. I expect to the Republican Party to take more leftward drift in the future and develop elements that more closely resemble European Christian Democrats (very mild social democratic rhetoric couched in quasi-religious terms) or France’s National Assembly (a kind of left-populist nationalism that is less religious and more anti-capitalist than the conventional Republican “base’). Another growing element will be the libertarianesque “I’m not a progressive, I’m a liberal” element associated with figures like Dave Rubin or the #Walkaway crowd. The Republicans will also become more diverse in their demographics, with more blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, Muslims, etc. This will allow Republican strategists and campaigners to push their religious right and nativist right constituents further to the margins, particularly as many of these are older and will be shrinking in size over time.

By David Cole

Why’s everybody so glum? Don’t you know the Durham Report is gonna drop any second now? Oh boy, I can’t wait to see Obama and Hitlery led off in cuffs! Yep, the indictments are being written as we speak. So hold tight; it’s coming!

That’s comforting, right? That’ll get you through the next few weeks. But deep down, we all know that this isn’t gonna have a satisfying conclusion. The difficulty of penning a requiem for this dream is that there’s no way at present to factor in the extent to which Democrat dirty tricks played a role in the outcome. The racketeers on the left don’t roll unless the dice are loaded; like a professional magician, they never allow for free choice and pure chance. We know there were dirty tricks somewhere in the mix. But we also know that Democrats can be defeated. Trump did it four years ago, even while playing against the house’s gaffed deck. So there are likely two balls in play here—Democrat tricks, and the fact that Trump simply didn’t pull in the numbers to overcome them.


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