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Enraged Trump Supporters Swarm Election Offices as Count Goes On and Conspiracies Abound

Notice that this is what left and liberal media is worried about when a ruling class unity regime that will be the Obama and Bush regimes rolled into one is six electoral votes from taking power. A lot of Trumpists and others further to the right are obviously morons but that’s not the real issue right now.

Robert Mackey, The Intercept

While Donald Trump remained out of sight on Wednesday, as the counting of absentee ballots in several states put his reelection increasingly in doubt, the president’s supporters took it upon themselves to make their presence felt at election offices around the country, voicing complaints about unsubstantiated rumors of fraud circulating online.

In Nevada, where former Vice President Joe Biden led narrowly but ballots postmarked by Election Day will still be counted if they arrive within nine days, a news conference in Las Vegas was disrupted by a man who charged toward the Clark County registrar of voters, Joe Gloria, screaming: “The Biden crime family’s stealing the election; the media’s covering it up!”


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