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Violence After The Election Will Only Benefit The Powerful

By Caitlin Johnstone

Any violence arising from the US election or its aftermath will only benefit the powerful, will be used to justify authoritarian agendas which serve the powerful, and will in all probability have been instigated by the powerful.

There are plenty of arguments to be made for situations in which intelligent application of force by the citizenry could have good results. Killing each other over which oligarch crony will be the president is not one of those situations about which such arguments can be made.

Please everybody stay cool and live to fight another day.

Most of the Democratic establishment’s arguments are basically “Vote Biden so we can stop deliberately psychologically brutalizing you with nonstop hysterical clickbait about Trump.” It’s just a more complicated version of “I’ll stop hitting you when you give me what I want.”

Russiagate is the largest clickbait operation in history. It’s a clickbait operation conducted by the entire western political/media class upon the whole world. Only difference is instead of just making money it was designed to reignite the cold war and make money.

The probable next elected leader of the most powerful government on earth frequently exhibits signs that his brain is literally dying, and it ranks like twelfth on his list of flaws.

I don’t know that the Hunter Biden October surprise shows anything more scandalous than you’d expect for any major US presidential nominee. I do know that the uniform conspiracy of silence from the mass media about it is uniquely scandalous and says bad things about the future.

All of the most influential anti-Trumpers support all of Trump’s most evil policies.


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