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Protests Won’t Be Enough to Stop a Coup

By Judith Shulevitz, The Atlantic

Casting a ballot by Election Day is just the first thing Americans have to worry about. What if President Donald Trump and his allies stop the counting of ballots, or delay vote certification until Republican state legislatures can play hanky-panky with the electors? What if civil war breaks out? “We’ll take to the streets,” Joe Biden supporters tell one another. Isn’t that what people do?

Protesting is certainly what a lot of people will think of doing, and will do. It’s what Protect the Results, a coalition of more than 100 grassroots groups, is recommending, at least for now. Of the more than a dozen election-protection organizations that have popped up over the past two months, Protect the Results is probably the best-known. As of this writing, you can find more than 450 events around the country on its website, many scheduled for the day after the election. I signed up for one in New York City and got an email telling me to be ready to report to an address on Fifth Avenue on November 4 in the “highly likely” event that national protests will be necessary.

But I’m not sure that amassing on Fifth Avenue the day after the election will be the right call—at least if votes are still being counted and Trump hasn’t falsely claimed victory. Protests alone won’t be enough to stop what might be coming, and to be effective, they should be timed just right. Early in October, I came across a webinar called “How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab” being offered by a then-obscure group named Choose Democracy. The course was advertised as a workshop that would “share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready in the event of a coup.”


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  1. Fortunately, “the coup” was stopped. But it wasn’t the coup the author of this article anticipated. In 2016, the leadership of the FBI attempted a coup, by the trick of refusing to prosecute Hitlery Clinton for violations of the Espionage Act. Comey knew that if Hitlery had been indicted, she definitely would have lost. He hoped that by not indicting Hitlery, she might win. He chose the only path available to him that might let her win.
    Yet, s She didn’t, anyway. That’s why I called that an “attempted coup”.

    In December 2019, the FBI was given a computer laptop which contained Hunter Biden’s hard drive information. The public only learned of this information in late September 2020, which seemed to be too late to expose what Joe and Hunter Biden had been doing, playing footsie with Ukraine and China. So by concealing this information, once again the FBI tried to stage a coup, hoping that the public would only learn, too late, how this crook had been foisted on them.

    I can only assume that the public smelled a rat, and decided that they didn’t dare give control of the Federal government to Joe Biden for four years.

    Not incidentally, on Election Day, Joe Biden confused the names of his two granddaughters, and introduced one of them as his dead son, Beau Biden.

    And this guy wanted us to give his finger authority over the nuclear button! What unmitigated gall!

    I’m proud to have voted…for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate. No, she didn’t win, but the public didn’t lose nearly as badly as it could have.

    Coup averted.

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