On Being Sensible in a Time of Pervasive Stupidity

I would strongly recommend that everyone avoid participating in election-related protests or “civil unrest.” This entire thing is a smoke and mirrors show that is being engineered by the top in order to create popular division and deflect the possibility of any kind of unified resistance to the ruling class. “Civil unrest” will also provide the state with a pretext for a crackdown and possible martial law. The best possible election outcome would be for one of these assholes to win with the general public shrugging and saying, “What of it?” which is the last thing the system actually wants.

This election is far less significant than many previous ones in terms of substance.

The Nixon-McGovern election involved real differences concerning Vietnam, the conduction of the Cold War, and a range of domestic issues, both economic and social. The Reagan-Carter election represented the neoliberal/supply-side counterattack against the New Deal paradigm, and the growth of military Keynesianism. The Bill Clinton election represented the consolidation of neoliberalism in the Democratic Party and as the dominant economic paradigm. The George W. Bush election represented the entrenchment of the neocons as the ideological/intellectual leadership of the ruling class.

This election pits de facto Blue Dog Democrat Trump, who has mostly governed like a moderate Republican, against de facto moderate Republican Biden, who is more or less interchangeable with Mitt Romney. Hardly anything worth getting worked up about.

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