Offering the hand of friendship to all prospective freedom fighters

By Troy Southgate

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Imagine being Otto Strasser when your socialist ideals are being misrepresented by Hitler and his financial advisors; a victim of Fascism whose anti-authoritarian principles are being dragged through the mud by Antifa; or Ted Kaczynski when Extinction Rebellion is compromising with the capitalist machine. This is exactly how it feels to be a Muslim – Sunni or Shia – who is being portrayed in the same light as the unstable Salafist lunatics who are bombing, stabbing and decapitating people on the streets of Europe. Meanwhile, the West is busy turning Recep Erdoğan into a champion of Islam when, in reality, he is an opportunist who is using the religion in the way a Zionist likes to hide behind the mask of Judaism. Erdoğan, who is perfectly happy to allow the so-called ‘Islamic’ State to slaughter ordinary Muslims elsewhere, is himself a puppet of both the United States and its colonial administration in Occupied Palestine. It is no accident, either, that countless millions of Muslims have been at the forefront of the struggle against global domination and it is therefore time to start being consistent by separating one’s potential allies from one’s long-term enemies and their unwitting tools. National-Anarchists continue to offer the hand of friendship to all prospective freedom fighters, regardless of their religious preferences.

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