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What Would Biden’s Foreign Policy Look Like? Just Look at His Supporters

The neocons and their allies now seem to be in control of all US political factions. They are directly in control of the both sections of the neoliberal centrist factions, and indirectly in control of the Trumpist faction through infiltration and manipulation, and the “progressive” and “left unity” factions through the co-optation of anti-Trumpism.

By John KiriaKaou, Consortium News

Many of us are counting down the days until we can throw President Donald Trump out of office, out of Washington, out of our lives, and out of the daily news cycle.  With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there’s even more immediacy to replacing Trump.  But what would we get with a “President” Joe Biden? What would a Biden foreign policy look like?

Earlier this month, a group of Republican former senators and congressmen endorsed Biden for president, saying that he was better equipped that Trump to run the country.  At around the same time, a large group of intelligence and foreign policy professionals, most of whom had worked for Republican presidents, also endorsed the former vice president.  That sounds pretty impressive.  But let’s look at what it really means.  It means that they believe Biden will continue an interventionist, neoliberal, pro-war foreign policy.


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