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NYPD Officers Blare ‘Trump 2020’ From Patrol Car Speakers, Terrorizing Majority Black Neighborhood: WATCH

Adrian Garcia, The Daily Grind

At least three New York City police officers parked their patrol car on a crosswalk in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn Saturday night and repeatedly used the NYPD vehicle’s loudspeaker to blare: “Trump 2020!”

According to the police department’s “prohibited conduct” patrol guide, officers are not allowed to endorse any specific political candidate or anyone who holds public office while in uniform or on-duty.

Multiple video angles emerged on social media showing several officers standing around the flashing police car and offering loud endorsements of President Trump’s re-election in the predominantly African American and West Indian neighborhood.

A man in one video recording confronts the police cruiser on St. Paul’s Place and challenges the officer on the loudspeaker to offer his endorsement of Trump one more time.

The officer obliges before the other two begin exchanging expletives with the pedestrian, according to Talia Jane, who first posted one angle of the video on Twitter.

“Do it again. What, you can’t say ‘Trump 2020’ now? F***ing p***y. Say it again,” the man on the street says, daring the NYPD officers to continue broadcasting their pro-Trump messages to the neighborhood.

“Trump 2020,” the officer says over the lousdpeaker once again, before repeating it several more times in other angles of the video.

“Go f**k yourself, you f***ing fascist,” the pedestrian replies.

The police officer on the loudspeaker then proceeds to mock the person recording the video, saying, “Trump 2020. Put it on Facebook, put it on YouTube…tough guy, tough guy,” according to a video recorded by Twitter user Brandon K. Hines Saturday night.

The NYPD issued a statement in response to the incident Sunday afternoon: “We are aware of this video and it is under investigation by our Brooklyn South Investigation Unit. Police officers must remain apolitical.”

CBS New York reported on Sunday that the officers are now under investigation, according to officials from the department.

Commissioner Dermot Shea called the video “unacceptable,” and said on Twitter, “Law Enforcement must remain apolitical… ”

Chief of Department Terence Monahan also responded, writing, “Behavior like this will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.


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