Federal Judge Allows 21 Businesses to Sue Seattle Over Harms Caused by CHOP

One thing that really annoyed me was the CHOPophobia of many on the “cold dead fingers” right-wing, including many who had been pushing secession for years. So there were a few murders and other crimes in CHOP? Big fucking deal. Like that never happens in state-controlled territory?
One of the core ideas behind secession, localism, decentralism, anarchism, etc. is that many people in many places will be doing things you don’t like or wouldn’t want to participate in. Unfortunately, many libertarians revealed themselves to be bourgeois supremacists during the CHOP episode. Ironically, there were actual right-wing fascists, and I mean real ones, who got it right.

By Daniel Villarreal, Time

On Friday, a federal district court judge allowed a lawsuit brought by 21 businesses against the city of Seattle to proceed, despite the city’s attempt to have it dismissed.

The lawsuit accuses the city of harming local business owners by allowing the existence of Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), a self-declared autonomous zone that was established and occupied by racial justice protestors from June 8 to July 1.

The occupied zone blocked all car traffic, reducing the businesses’ access to customers, vendors and revenue, the lawsuit says. The lawsuit further alleges that city police largely neglected the zone, allowing protesters and others to damage business property and threaten business owners without punishment.

Lastly, the lawsuit states that the city provided concrete barriers, medical supplies, washing and sanitation facilities, portable toilets, lighting and other material support, including the use of Cal Anderson Park to CHOP occupiers, and told police to adopt a “no response” policy wherein officers wouldn’t arrive unless a 9-1-1 caller reported “significant life safety issues.”


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