Davos Anarchism?

From a social media post:

“Here’s the thing about Antifa. They are basically working on behalf of globalist oligarchs and they don’t even know it. They’re allowed to run rampant because the milquetoast left thinks that doing so will help get rid of Trump, one of the last obstacles to all their “great reset”/“build back better” plans, which of course means more power concentrated in the hands of the Davos elite, green new deal type schemes that will scoop huge amounts of revenue out of the hides of the poor and working classes via “carbon taxes” which are more or less consumption taxes. Said revenue will then be pumped into “green industries” these folks are heavily invested in, as well as massive new bureaucracies. Global emissions still rise because they continue to soar in the developing world but it was never about carbon emissions in the first place. It’s all pure cynicism. And the minute the shitty little firebug anarchists are no longer of use to the oligarchs, they will go bye-bye. Useful idiots of the highest order.”

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  1. I suspect it is more about control than money at this point. The “great reset” and “build it better” monikers are global, universal, and top down. An antithesis to self-rule.

    It’s almost a law of nature at this point that leftest anarchists are used to usher in totalitarian dictatorships.

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