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  1. Sounds like there are MANY stories here, but at least one of them is that the FBI has apparently been ‘sitting on’ this information since December 2019. To help Biden win, we can conclude.
    “The Deep State” strikes again.
    But this story should have been released months ago.

    25 years ago, I invented the Assassination Politics idea, which became the AP essay. https://cryptome.org/ap.htm
    At that time, if you had asked me, I would have predicted that all of the first 1000 targets of AP would be government employees, mostly higher-up.

    Ask me today, who could the targets be, and I would ask: “How many people are in the top 3-4 layers of the companies Facebook, Twitter, and quite possibly Google as well.

    It’s THAT serious! At this time, THEY are the most serious threat to our society.

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